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Making and Baking



Making and Baking

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Missoni ipad case 

No pressure! I have only one piece each of these incredible Missoni fabric designs and I decide to make an ipad case for my friends birthday from one of them so better get it right first time Miranda!! And this is how it went.

It would not have been possible without finding Heidi's blog Sew.Craft.Create. and her ipad case tutorial. This is her design and for personal use only. Hats off to Heidi! I followed her instructions to the letter except for the lining for which I decided to use 1/8" thick foam instead of the binder card to give the whole thing a more tactile 'real' feel. I think it worked nicely. This was my first zip as well so pretty pleased with that! My friend works as a fashion photography agent for some of the most well know photographers in the business. I hope they appreciate her even more now with her Missoni ipad case - one of a kind just like her! I chose the grey version of the fabric with it's subtle mirror of the classic Missoni pattern to back the case and a plain grey to line it. On the back I appliqued a simple lower case 'd' for her initial (I'm new to applique so this as a little brave!!), but I think I just about got away with it ;) Happy to take requests if anyone feels they can't live without one of these lovely cases!

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